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Valentin N. Pavlov

Valentin N. Pavlov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Rector of Bashkir State Medical University, Member of the Board of the Russian Society of Urology, Member of the European Association of Urology

Valentin N. Pavlov graduated with honors from Bashkir State Medical Institute (BSMI) (General Medicine Faculty) in 1989.

In 1990 he successfully completed Internship in Surgery. He also worked as a part-time lecturer at the Department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy of BSMI.

In 1992 Valentin N. Pavlov completed post-graduate studies at the Department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy of BSMI. He defended his PhD thesis on "Circulatory Disorders in Burn Injury and Ways of their Correction".

1993 - 2000 – assistant lecturer, associate professor at the General Surgery with the Course of Urology Department, BSMI/BSMU (Bashkir State Medical University).

1999 - defended his doctoral thesis on "Mechanisms of Bone Resorption and Influence on the Regeneration of Allogeneic Collagen in Normal and Pathologically Modified Liver", which was accepted as the best scientific development among young scientists by the Association of Surgeons of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

1999 - supervised the Urology Department at the Republican Clinical Hospital, Ufa.

Since 2001 — urologist-in-chief at the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Bashkortostan,  chairman of the Republic of Bashkortostan Society of Urology, member of the board of the Russian Society of Urology.

2002 - elected as a professor in Bashkir State Medical University.

2000 – 2003 - professor at the General Surgery Department, head of the Urology Course at BSMU.

Since 2003 – head of the Department of Urology with the Course of Additional Professional Education of BSMU.

2006 - 2008 - vice-rector for Healthcare Affairs of BSMU.

Since 2007 - Honoured Worker of Science of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Since 2011 - rector of Bashkir State Medical University.

Since 2015 - urologist-in-chief of the Volga Federal district of the Russian Federation, member of the European Association of Urology, member of the American Association of Urology.

Since 2016 – Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Valentin N. Pavlov is a member of the Presidium of the Educational and Methodical Association of medical and pharmaceutical educational institutions of Russia, chairman of Educational and Methodical Council on biomedical specialties ("Medical Biochemistry", "Medical Biophysics", and “Medical Cybernetics"), member of Dissertation Council on specialty urology of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

Editor in Chief of the electronic scientific and practical journal "Bulletin of Bashkir State Medical University" and scientific and practical peer-reviewed journal "Creative Surgery and Oncology". Member of the editorial board of the journals "Experimental and Clinical Urology", "Medical Bulletin of Bashkortostan" and "Medical Society".

Since 2013 – deputy of the State Assembly— Kurultay of the Republic of Bashkortostan,  member of the Committee for budget, tax, investment policy and territorial development, member of the Control Commission of the Income and Ownership of the deputies of the State Assembly— Kurultay of the Republic of Bashkortostan, head of The Health Project of the Bashkir branch of the United Russia Party.

Valentin N. Pavlov has been awarded the Russian Federation Presidential Certificate of Honour, the Commemorative medal "For significant contribution to the preparation and holding of the XXII Olympic winter games and XI Paralympic winter games 2014 in Sochi", jubilee badge of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia in honour of the 700th anniversary of St. Sergius of  Radonezh.

Professor Valentin N. Pavlov has published about 500 scientific and methodical works including federal manual of urology. He got 35 inventions patents of the Russian Federation for inventions and 4 patents of the Russian Federation for useful models.

The main directions of scientific researches of Professor Valentin N. Pavlov are perfection of diagnostics methods, prevention and treatment of malignant neoplasms of the genitourinary system, reconstructive urology, andrology, urogynecology, immunization and immunotherapy, development of allogeneic biomaterials in urology, etc.

Valentin N. Pavlov is the creator of the Scientific School for Urologists in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the developer and executor of a number of research programs, including issues of the state scientific-technical programs of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Valentin N. Pavlov performed a number of compicated surgeries: bilateral kidney cancer, creation of artifial bladder from intenstine, adrenal gland removal. In 2007 for the first time in Russia he performed ileocystoplasty in conjunction with kidney transplantation in the patient on dialysis. In 2014 for the first time in Russia he performed infralitoral pelvic exenteration with plastic repair of the pelvic floor with a fascio-muscular-cutaneous flap.

In 2013 Bashkir State Medical University has concluded international cooperation agreement with the Medical Faculty Mannheim at Heidelberg University and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Regensburg on academic cooperation, students exchanges, joint research, research development and implementation.

Bashkir State Medical University under the guidance of Valentin N. Pavlov expands successful cooperation with Chinese medical universities. In 2015 meeting of the Association of Sino-Russian medical universities (ASRMU) and Rectors Forum of Russian and Chinese Medical Universities were held at the Bashkir State Medical University in the framework of the Week of Healthcare of Member States of BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization.